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OSHA'S New Revised & Updated Standards: PPE

There are revised standards pertaining to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), so it is best that your company review the standards applying to your business and Industry.

Safety First: Be Aware

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) advises consumers to aware of certain products that are not suitable for younger children because of chocking potential. It has been reported that a 10 year old swallowed a barring from the new popular product, SPINNERS. 

Spinners are used as Stress Relievers


Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Recalls Sweatshirts: The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced that the snaps on this hoodie can detach, posing a choking hazard to young children. No incidents or injuries have been reported

Both Minnie & Mickey's hoodies have ears attached to the hood -- Minnie with a red, polka dotted bow between the ears; Mickey's is black with ears also.

Customers should contact Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, U.S. for instructions on returning for a full refund.



Careful Use of Sunscreen and Other Sprays

Source: MSN Healthy Living by Robert Preidt Avoid open flames after application, agency advises. (HealthDay News) -- Certain sunscreen sprays worn close to an open flame may pose a risk of catching fire, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns. U.S. Food and Drug Administration, news release, July 2013 Significant burns reported. Read more by clicking on link.

FDA Warns of Sunscreen Spray's Flammability Risk

Making a Difference With Colors

When I first saw RH RESERVE-Celebrating The Wine Country Lifestyle magazine from an apparel supplier, the richness of a good wine came to mind. I thought, "are they really going to have shirts the color of wine...can that be done"? After looking at RED HOUSE's " country inspired...wardrobe" I fell in love with wine country and their "fresh from the vine" polos. In their words they describe these vibrant colors as, Luscious Grapes, from the rich purple of a ripening Zinfandel to the soft green of a just-picked Chardonnay. California grapes translate to an elegant palette for shirts, blouses and sweaters; Golden Vineyards-the meandering tows of graphes become ripe through the summer, the leaves turn a beautiful gold. It's a sure sign of the coming harvest; Rolling Green Hills-Wine country is where smooth roads wind gently around a landcrape of natural grassy hills, quiet forests and abundant meadows; Sky Neutrals- Although the weather in wine country is mild, the ever-chaning sky reflects a spectrum of hues, from stormy slate to brillian blue; Spring Blossoms-Cascadesof spring and summer blooms adorn hillsides and roadsides. Vibrant clusters of shooting stars and checkerblooms attract butterflies, birds and people. Now this isn't the end of this magazine's adventure. After reading this, I am convince that the next major meeting must be held in Wine Country wearing Red House designs. Not only can you savor the taste of wine but also "the legendary luxury" of their "favorite place on earth" You can do wine tasting as well as mud baths in the many spas from qaint to elegant, ride the Napa Valley Wine Train, shop for "favorable foodstuffs," and go bicycling through the hills, enjoying scenery, picnics and tasting room refreshment stops. Reading further lets you know that beyond the vineyards, Napa and Sonoma offer fantastic hiking, biking and golf amid some of the world's most beautiful scenery. Aaah, darn! They say September and October is not a good time unless you really enjoy hustle and bustle. I imagine this is harvesting time. Interesting! Red House's offers a polo made with 100% mercerized interlock cotton for a lustrous appearance. Mercerizing is a treatment of fine cotton yarn or fabric that increases shine, luster and strength. The treatment also increases the fiber's ability to maintain a vibrant color. Luxurious texture and vibrant color will go well with the surroundiings offered in the area "to motivate busy executives to reach higher levels of success" where "wine country works its magic with innovative retreat ideas that energize and inspire.;;;

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